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Singer from a christian band called "DC Talk". after the band broke up he formed his own little thing. One of the greatist rock/rap bands ever
Person: "did u hear tobymac's song Boomin'?"
Person2: No
by NIck Magliaro October 14, 2007
93 9
A christian rapper
From DCtalk
"Hey im listening to Toby Mac!"
"Tru Dat!"
by erosion March 15, 2005
104 18
tobyMac is pretty much the best sing ever, hes so amazing.
he used to play in a band called DC Talk.
and then the band broke up and went their seprate ways,
and tobyMac has become very sucessful.
he has 3 CD's out at the moment and i hope to see more.
me : do you know who tobyMac is?
somebody : no, who is he?
me : omgoodness, he is only the best singer in the world, check em out!
100 19
A satanic devil worshiper who likes to do drugs and can't pleasure his wife because of erectile difficulties.
dude, toby mac sucks.
i know right.
by DrunkAssBilly December 05, 2011
10 94