A satanic devil worshiper who likes to do drugs and can't pleasure his wife because of erectile difficulties.
dude, toby mac sucks.
i know right.
by DrunkAssBilly December 05, 2011
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tobyMac is pretty much the best sing ever, hes so amazing.
he used to play in a band called DC Talk.
and then the band broke up and went their seprate ways,
and tobyMac has become very sucessful.
he has 3 CD's out at the moment and i hope to see more.
me : do you know who tobyMac is?
somebody : no, who is he?
me : omgoodness, he is only the best singer in the world, check em out!
A christian rapper
From DCtalk
"Hey im listening to Toby Mac!"
"Tru Dat!"
by erosion March 15, 2005
Singer from a christian band called "DC Talk". after the band broke up he formed his own little thing. One of the greatist rock/rap bands ever
Person: "did u hear tobymac's song Boomin'?"
Person2: No
by NIck Magliaro October 14, 2007

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