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toby = an impish hobbit!
likes to annoy people a lot..
and has impish tendancies lol!
look at that imp, reminds me of toby
by .x.J.x. May 16, 2008
43 90
A mug, or random person that is caught in a photo you, or someone in your peer party is taking.
Person 1: Hey, I uploaded the clubbing photos to Facebook
Person 2: Cool, I'll take a look.

Person 2: I see, Haha, Check that Toby in the second photo drinking Baileys.
by iDex January 20, 2008
28 75
to dump girls and make them cry
"Toby has dumped so many girls in his life, can't he not be a playa anymore?"
by blah152328 December 26, 2008
33 81
The one guy at your school who you think is your friend until you go to his house and he knocks your xbox over and never gives u back the game that he broke.
hey look at that new kid i wana be his friend!

no man he is a toby he will trash your stuff and never give it back!
by fat griggs January 28, 2010
7 56
The act of goat intercourse, common in peasant European countries and parts of Wales. Often accompanied by high-pitched squeals and Radiohead music. Usually associated with closet gays.
My primary school teacher got caught tobying last night.
I fancy a good toby tonight.
by magicbeansmagicbeansmagicbeans February 06, 2008
29 78
Toby was the dog in the Punch and Judy
shows, popular in England in the 19th century. Some members of the British public thought such shows were immoral but they were strongly defended by Charles Dickens
What a load of codswallop, imagine audiences paying the sort of money they are charged for entertainment today going to a Punch and Judy show to hear such lines, written for Toby, as " (snarl) arr, arr " or " Bow, wow, wow "
by Criostoir Hulme September 02, 2005
21 71
A Toby is a insect, usually found in the back garden. The term, Toby, can also be used be used for a person who is sexually frustrated, and is usually extremely unpopular. To be Tobyish, is to be frigid, slow and extremely awkward.
-I saw a guy yesterday, totally Tobyish who was walking down the street, screaming "will you go out with me?!?" to every person he saw!

-What a Toby!

by the sexinator October 11, 2007
27 79