symptoms of being a "tobeh" are strong feelings that consit of hip thrusting, mild humping, and playing table tenis with strange body parts, also know as the act of being "Penisie"

Other known symptoms are using Arctic Monkeys quotes in everyday conversations such as "Whateva that meeeeeans!" or "Slag" and also black vomit is a clear sign you have become a "tobeh".
"Hey guys...I'm feeling "penisie" can you leave the room, or at least stay 30ft away"

"Okay tobeh don't make a mess..."
by italiansaugage..saugage! January 15, 2009
Top Definition
being rediculously horny to the point of macking on several chicks in the same minute.. while doing one of many girlfriends
Luke and Alex saw their friend Anthony macking on mad chicks at the party and commented on him being a tobeh at the time.
by italiansazzeets November 26, 2008
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