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Verb- to drunkenly steal a girl's purse or other valuable possesion, often times in a club or other social setting, resulting in possible arrest and embarassment
Did you hear what happened to himlast night? He was so drunk he decided to pull a johnny on that poor slut and ended up getting caught and arrested!
by jd123456 February 16, 2010
3 0
to be arrogant. to think of oneself to be talented in ALL ways.
Ex. I am johnny. i love playing the guitar and thus, i am musical. (even though it is an obvious fact that he sucks.) I just pulled a johnny.
by hugs4thugs May 01, 2005
3 5
1. verb. to have a wardrobe consisting of only jersey. thus, making one a jersey whore
2. verb. to be desperate for girls. one would go as far as violating the golden rule of "bros before hoes" in order to get girls.
Ex.1: "Hey didnt you wear that james jersey yesterday?"
"Noo. its another one"
"HOLY. you just pulled a johnny"

Ex.2: "o man that guy just pulled a johnny. what a pimp. what a BSER"
by gangsterworldwide April 22, 2005
2 4