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Verb- to drunkenly steal a girl's purse or other valuable possesion, often times in a club or other social setting, resulting in possible arrest and embarassment
Did you hear what happened to himlast night? He was so drunk he decided to pull a johnny on that poor slut and ended up getting caught and arrested!
by jd123456 February 16, 2010
to be arrogant. to think of oneself to be talented in ALL ways.
Ex. I am johnny. i love playing the guitar and thus, i am musical. (even though it is an obvious fact that he sucks.) I just pulled a johnny.
by hugs4thugs May 01, 2005
1. verb. to have a wardrobe consisting of only jersey. thus, making one a jersey whore
2. verb. to be desperate for girls. one would go as far as violating the golden rule of "bros before hoes" in order to get girls.
Ex.1: "Hey didnt you wear that james jersey yesterday?"
"Noo. its another one"
"HOLY. you just pulled a johnny"

Ex.2: "o man that guy just pulled a johnny. what a pimp. what a BSER"
by gangsterworldwide April 22, 2005

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