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The Belgian escalation of normal partying, whereby an individual or group of individuals increase the amount of alcohol imbibed and reach a nirvana-like state of inebriation, rave-like dancing, and overall extreme fun-having and memory loss. Derived from the modified English of partying, this phrase represents a true commitment to creating an epic night full of non-remembering memories, and therefore good morning-after stories.
Guy #1: "Are we making party tonight?"
Girl #1: "Ehhhhhhhhh I'm not sure, I'm kind of tired. I was thinking of merely partying tonight. I don't know if I have the energy to make party..."
Guy #2: "Legends, listen, I just chonged a triple of gin, it's time to make party!"
Girl #1: "Ok... well, some supply me with several tequila shots, and let's go to Cindies to make party like there's no tomorrow!"
by The Maker of Party February 03, 2011