1: v. to "getsohigh" (pronounced geh-soh-HI) can be defined as the act of getting high, usually by smoking marijuana.

Please note: in the following examples, the verb "to getsohigh" requires improper usage of normal English grammar. It is more likely that this verb will be accepted into the language/dialect known as Ebonics, and most commonly used by the people that most call "niggas"

im high, smoke weed evryday 4-20 peace
1: Yo man sorry I missed your call, i just had to getsohigh this morning.

2: nigga where were you last night?
sorry man my girl wanted to getsohigh all night. nothin i could do.

3: I'd rather getsohigh all night than drink all night.
by iliketogetsohighalldaylong May 14, 2007
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