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To tan one's skin. Either buy way of sun or artificial light.
I laid out in the sun to long and got too much tizzy.

I look pale and need to go tizzy.
by Ty April 12, 2004
6 37
A state of Hightened excitement
She puts me in a tizzy
by jacob wells January 25, 2005
138 45
(UK) A state of panic or confusion
Don't get yourself in a tizzy, now, dear.
by Observer53 November 22, 2006
59 33

to be ballin of the chain.
I am on a quad of shrooms right now, it is so tizzy.

The cubs lost again! That is so tizzy.
by niggerpussy November 09, 2008
55 37
word that came from the hill distric in pittsburgh. can be used to explain truth. Also can mean yes
Bob- yo i just saw a brezzy gettin shot up der.
shakika- TIZZY!!! u fo real
did u kill latishas dog
tizzy i did
by Dan Borsani & Joel Wurschmidt October 14, 2005
94 82
The best person you will ever meet. He has an awesome personality and makes funny jokes. He shines when there is no sun...
Tizzy walked through the crowd. Everytime he looked back, people were shielding his eyes due his brightness.
by Dr. Crazzy March 15, 2009
23 17
1. Another term for a blowjob, derived from the slang term tops.
Yo ole girl at the club gave me the tizzies in the bathroom, word is bond.
by Max N. August 14, 2007
7 3
to upset,be annoyed with someone
he got me all up in a tizzy.
by BLacK MaGiK1 April 30, 2010
4 4