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n. Submissive female usually depicted in the African American subculture wherein the subject usually posesses large breasts and even larger buttock cheeks.
1. Yo tittybitch...get your daddy a pepsi!
2. Check out that tittybitch.
by prodiGyBNTY March 27, 2003
11 12
A man who always chooses the side of a woman in an argument or discussion, hoping to get a hand job or some pussy out of it.
Lohengrin sure is a titty bitch.
by Malio December 21, 2003
113 31
A guy who acts like a girl and is an overall vagina about things. a.k.a. a pussy bitch. This word is by far the most insulting of the "pussy" arsenal.
Dude #1: "Dude Bryson is a total bitch about everything. He can't do anything right and he utterly sucks at life."

Dude #2: "Yeah man, he is a total Titty Bitch."
by Matt Buchanan April 28, 2008
31 17
someone who is a bitch ass titty
Steve: Dude, you suck at halo
Larry: Suck it tittybitch
by thiswhitekidfromnebraska March 20, 2006
4 13
A woman who is too proud of her past experiences of being tit-fucked.
"Jane from accounting sure is a titty bitch"
by Wang Ninja March 19, 2003
19 57
the word "nipple" and "female dog" combined.
I like your titty, bitch
by tom December 23, 2003
7 62