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1.According to my buddy Sledge, cool.

2.To everyone else, a derogatory term to refer to breasts
1.Man, that powerbomb was titts!

2.I'm gonna suck your titts.
by strong badian April 12, 2004
t.i.t.t.s. - short for Taking It To The Shore. when you and your friends are going to the beach.
what are we doing today?

by the dice. May 05, 2009
Abbreviated form of the phrase 'throw in the towel'.
Commonly used when giving advice to a person who's best option is to simply give up.
Bro 1: "Dude... my girlfriend just found the tape of me and her best mate Kelly from that hot-tub party last month... although the positioning kinda distorts your perspective, I'm pretty sure she knows it's me"

Bro 2: Titt
by Sandwichfiesta September 24, 2010
the best things in the world i love them i wanna suck them lick them feeling them
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
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