The female version of teabagging.
This guy teabagged me so I titbagged him back.
by eatmedeedee January 11, 2009
A girl who the only thing she has going are her tits.
Oh man that chick's a real titbag.
by C-Mac July 18, 2004
The female version of the "tee bag."
When a woman places her breasts on another persons face when they are sleeping or passed out.
Used to degrade the other person and or declare ownage over another person.
Last night this girl at the party passed out after too many 151 shots so I decided to tit bag her.
by chel$ April 04, 2011
A slang word for a bra.
You spend the whole morning trying on different titbags!
by Jason Scott 16 March 01, 2007
1. A bra.
2. Someone with two, very large and round foreheads that need to be contained within a bra or else the two foreheads will flap down and cover the persons eyes making them blind or they will flap over the persons mouth and suffocate them.
Person A: Did you almost die last night?
Person B: Yeah. I'm a tit bag you see, and i forget to wear my bra.
by Kenny Meriweather Scrumpleton January 08, 2005
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