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In FPS games, humiliation is doled out after you kill your opponent, stand over their body and squat repeatedly. This is called a teabag

In Titanfall, you can do this with your Titan, which is much, much more satisfying.
After an epic 'Rock-em Sock-em' slugfest in Titanfall, the other pilot ejected so I shot him and Titan-bagged him for his cowardice.
by StardogChamp February 13, 2014
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When you teabag someone in Titanfall. Can be titan-on-human, human-on-titan, or titan-on-titan. Human-on-human teabagging is frowned upon, because it's not sufficiently epic. Spelled with either a space or a hyphen, because titanbag looks like tit-an-bag, which sounds like a sex thing.
Me: "I'm going to kick the shit out of you in Titanfall, scrub."

UPS Billy: "I'm going to titan bag you every chance I get."
by F0r Aiur February 07, 2014

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