A person who lives like a rat, dirty, skavanges for food and drinks, gets wasted a lot.
That Sarah, she's a farking tip rat!

What a tip rat!
by Roger August 23, 2007
disgusting creature that is easy and will do anything or anyone.most commonly found at junk shops or calling someone elses partner at 3 in the morning.old and looks like a man.
p1:did you see tiprat...now shes's fucking that gross lesbian.thought she liked other peoples men?
p2:yeah i seen it on her facebook.her interests is "whatever i can get".tiprat.
by slutkicker June 19, 2010
A person who has combined their personality to include; bogan, trailer trash, white trash, westie, princess, idiot anybody from MelbourneAustralia
A person who has a chip on their shoulder.

Boss: Can you do your job.
Tiprat: No, coz I reckon I could do it better and you earn more than me how is that right.
by Rat Boy Berwick December 14, 2008
Someone who lives in Dunmore.
Someone who lives near a tip/dump.
Get lost TIP RAT
by Zero July 24, 2003
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