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A Tip Drill is person in a female case that will do anything for money especially sexual favors.

And from a man standpoint will pay money or give material things for it Tip Drill (Trick) referring to Nelly's video
It must be money cause it ain't yo dick you a tip drill funky ass tip drill I got you paying my bills and buying automobiles nigga you a tip drill
by Askew March 18, 2004
An endearing term for a school someone cares about.
See the way I see it BHS is its like a tip drill. I feel BHS is a place where at the tip or peak of are adolescence we have drilling and training to help shape us into mature adults that can handle the real world.
by Dr. Thug Sauce May 09, 2008
gorgeous girl to have sex with
She think she his main girl but she just a tip drill.
by Dawnielle January 20, 2008
a girl or woman with an ugly face and a really nice ass
person#1 Dang, did you see the girl that just got up?
Person#2 yeah she is ugly as fuck
Person#1 that may be so but look at her ass
person#2 yeah your right, what a tip drill!
by Zerina July 17, 2006
a person who doesn't look to good but has a body. The person is freaky and down right nasty. A tip drill can be a female or male.
"My applebottom lookin right, I know u want to bite, nigga u a tipdrill."

"It must be the ass cuz it ain't your face cuz girl u a tip drill."
by Jermeshia Ames February 10, 2004
Verb; To go from party to party to see which one all the bitches(or guys depending on your orientation) are at or which party is the best time. This can also apply to women instead of parties.
"Hey which party should we go to tonight?" "I do not know, we might have to do a tip drill."
by cberrysos October 15, 2009
to bend over ("Tip" your body over) and shake your bottom (as if you are holding a construction "Drill" or jackhammer)
see the 2003 song by rapper Nelly ("Tip Drill)
by shawna;bby February 26, 2009