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The greatest singer of all time.
Tiny Tim is the only happy emo i ever seen.
by Radical Ed May 02, 2007
small dick
Hows tiny tim?
by Anonymous August 02, 2003
a good name to call a male if he pissed you off or just plain has a small penis.
ziggy:fuck you get out my house! geyes:fuck you fucken tiny tim piece of shit i took pity on your lame ass! besides i faked it anyway!!!
by ms.bst March 02, 2010
While you're blowing your load all over a girls face, you immediately crack her over the head with a ukulele while yelling Ohhhhhhhhh, take it all, bitch!
Hey baby, I want to give you a Tiny Tim
by Drawnats May 22, 2015
Sex with someone on crutches.
I totally Tiny Tim-ed that gimp!
by Zombina September 23, 2013
a person with a smaller wanker(look up with you dont know what that is)
tiny tim
by zgs February 12, 2004
When a piece of human turn *pokes it's head out of the rectum and slides back in for cover. As seen in a solider at war.
Sitting on the toilet after a night on the potatos
by Mike Gowland February 08, 2004

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