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A duo of anti-humor and satirical comedians, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. They are featured on adultswim. Most of their sketches are supposed to seem camp, often utilizing themes such as infomercials and telethons.

They offer a wide variety of sketches, such as an imaginary company called Cinco which produces seemingly useless gadgets, such as a pasta bear, a teddybear which after cooking will yield pasta hidden inside its stomach. Dr. Steve Brule offers various kinds of advice "for your health".

They also have sketches with guest celebrities such as Will Forte and Bob Odenkirk. Tim & Eric also starred in and directed a movie, called Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie.
Taken from the Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!,

Narrator: "It's Brule's Rules with Channel 5's Dr. Steve Brule!"

Dr. Steve Brule: "I'm Dr. Steve Brule, with another Brule Rule for ya. If you're raking the leaves and it gets all over your driveway, just hose it off, you dummy! For your health."
by Ymirok October 19, 2013
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