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A female body that is lean and attractive. Specifically refers to a flat stomach and toned bum and legs. Breasts do not form part of the 'rig', although in some cases they can be seen to enhance it. A lady with a 'tight rig' has a body that can be proudly shown off in a bikini and attracts significant sexual desire from both men, women, boys and girls alike. The opposite of a 'tight rig' is a 'sloppy rig'.
1. Candice Swanepoel has such a tight rig, her body is perfect. She may be the definition of tight rig.

2. Sam: "Shit, Emily Ratajkowski is so god dam hot, she may be the woman of my dreams - dark hair, dark skin and a rocking body"
Matt: "I feel you, she has such a tight rig and her tits are amazing, too."

3. Simon: "There is nothing worse than a pretty girl with a sloppy rig. Do everyone a favour and take a jog to tighten that rig up for the boys and yourself."

4. Chris: "3 is the new 6.5, I love me a good ol' sloppy rig!"
by D-Money Millionaire June 11, 2014
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