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Result of switching the "t" and the "b" in the phrase "Big n' tasty." A term of frustration used when you go to McDonald's or an equivalent fast food restaurant, order something, and the cashier or person behind the drive-thru window attempts to repeat what you said in either unintelligible language or something totally contrary to what you asked for. This is a stupid, yet somewhat gratifying, way to respond.
Employee behind drive-thru window (speaking in bad microphone): Welcome to McDonald's. May I help you?
Me: Yes. I would like a large #2, diet coke, and some cookies.
Employee: Mehdoodootmokoonbakh?
Me: WHAT?!
Employee: Meh-doo-doot-mok-oon-bakh?
Me: Yeah fool. I want a tiggenbasty!
Employee: Huh?
Me: Exactly.
by some punk kid March 20, 2005
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