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Short for titty fucking, used by me because I think titty fucking sounds too harsh to describe something that involves something as wonderful as breasts.
by elena April 07, 2005
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to chill or to hang out
Amy: What's up kid?
John: Nothing, wacthing the telly, totally tiffing it dude.
by egypt March 21, 2007
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The act of lying to everyone, and anyone, especially your friends. Also includes over exaggerating, and being an ass hole.
Tiffer: Yo we had 100 cases of Miller High Life last night!
Victim: Dude, are you tiffing me right now?
Tiffer: No man!
by NT2795 April 26, 2011
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"Hey man, what's up?"
"Not much, just tiffing"
by mavadotar August 07, 2009
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