Tisto is the world's best electronic dance dj. He is also believe to be the second coming of Christ or what the Jewish community would call "Messiah."
At the Tiesto concert last night this chick gave me oral sex on the dance floor! Tiesto is God!
by AZN_Slayer October 25, 2007
1. Dutch DJ with no skills known for jesusposing and trainwreck transitions

2. Owner of a Chinese restaurant in Amsterdam
- ZOMG Tiesto is sick!
- Me too, that pecking duck of his restaurant was awful
by DJ Cret1 July 10, 2008
v: to make a trance/techno song that's top-notch.

a: someone who is very skilled in making digital music.
Man I can't believe you made that song! It's so tiesto!
by nick March 13, 2003

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