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when a girl is giving head and the man squeezes her head with his thighs and blows a hard fart in her face,this causes a thunder-like rumble also giving the girl a face full of fecal mist.
this whore was going down on me when i surprised her with a tasty thunderdunk.
by allen powell January 12, 2006
1. A game played in men's public restrooms while dropping a deuce.
The rules: Nugget must make a splash which in turn allows you to yell, "THUNDERDUUUUUUUNK!" If audible from outside the restroom you score one point.
If turd audible you earn two points.
Play until fifteen points scored.
A dude runs into the men's and crashes into the stall and lets out a deuce and it is a splasher so he shouts, "THUNDERDUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNK!"

Man 1: "Dude I totally just heard you thunderdunk out here!"
Man 2: "Yeah that thunderdunk just ripped my O ring!"
by Jared Orion, Richard Wayne October 14, 2007
Occurs on a hot summers night as your balls hang low and then, when a friend or enemy falls asleep, or is heavily intoxicated, one drops their pants, swings their thighs in a thrust forward motion then drops down quickly to slap the victims face with the testicles.
That was the craziest Thunderdunk ever, his balls hit that guys face so hard I thought I heard a sonic boom!
by Zach Lane May 30, 2008
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