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1.Name given to a series of civil defense sirens made by Federal Signal during the Cold War. 2. A type of high-velocity .22LR ammunition made by Remington.
1.The difference between the Thunderbolt 1000 and the 1000T is the tone produced.
2. I prefer Remington Thunderbolt ammo in my pistol.
by BlastMaster January 10, 2004
slang for the moment when an attractive person fully meets your attention and you begin to feel an affection for them. often known as "love at first sight", but it may occur at a time after the initial sight/meeting.
i hung out with a girl at a concert and later when we were eating, i looked at her and the thunderbolt hit me.
by Western Orlando August 14, 2005
One, often black, who jumps out from a thunder cloud in order to attack another person.

See thunder cloud
Joe: Yo I was walking out of class when Latifa rushed me!

Sam: What a thunder bolt!
by VELCRO HEAD ANDRE February 08, 2010
A non-lift serviced alpine ski trail on the east face of Mt. Greylock in western Massachusetts. Has hosted an annual downhill race for over 75 years. The 1.6 mile long trail has been used in the past by olympic skiers. Named after the Thunderbolt rollercoaster which was located in the former Revere Beach amusement park.
After humping Greylock and downing a sixer of PBRs, Josh slapped on his splitters and began to shushboom down the Thunderbolt until he wiped out and had a huge yardsale.
by desertdork March 17, 2010
n. Nickname for the electric chair.
Out at the state pen at midnight, Big Willie's gonna ride the thunderbolt.
by Carl Willis December 01, 2004