A restaurant in Seoul, South Korea that serves the best fried chicken in the world.
Danielle: Hey, Alex, want to get some Thunder Chicken?
Alex: Sure! I got a pocket fulla change!
by KUMelissa January 27, 2008
Another name for Fords sad excuse for a car, the Thunderbird
Look at that Ford Thunderchicken, it looks almost as gay as my Mustang.
by camaro24 March 21, 2006
one who constantly complains about everything, and tries to find the worst possible outcome of every situation
William is such a thunderchicken
by John Stamos August 08, 2003
a fortified wine sold in liquor stores in Louisiana in the 1970's and possibly earlier.
"i take two bottles of ripple wine, three bottles of spinyata, and a quart of thunder chicken - baby what you want?" - papa mali
by fcity October 25, 2006

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