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A goodlooking guy who can get away with acts of mischief.
Danny Blaze walks into the store alarm goes off "oh really I didnt even steal anything yet"*cute smile* oh danny your such a thugmuffin
by Nicolecanread May 17, 2010
Someone from a wealthy middle class family, or live in a city suburb and wear all the latest thug fashion and think they are hard, but just look ridiculous.
Hey, look at those 2 thug muffins walking down the street, they think they're bangers!
by T.B. 2 February 19, 2008
a girl who is not a thug, but acts real hood, has a certain swag that is very down to earth and real
Yo, my sister lives in the suburbs, but she`s a real thug muffin
by Tshay December 02, 2006
A word that a fucking faggot uses to describe his dog. One who uses this term is often perceived as a homosexual, but may actually just be bisexual.
Fag: Come here Thug Muffin let me pet you!
Dude: You're a fucking faggot. I'm gonna kick your ass.
by ThugmuffinsMurderer November 19, 2013
some one who acts and dresses like a gangster who is to awkward or cute to be one
that little boy is a thugmuffin. . .
by meganocity July 08, 2011
a Muffin made of the blood of 12 assorted thugs mixed into the batter of bisquick pancake mix. You'll end up with 19 servings of thugmuffins
Yo he a true thug, he even cooks thugmuffins fo' breakfast. dat be his job sennn
by Minkus Muckwater December 15, 2004
A child wearing a North Face puffa jacket, carpenter jeans, and Timberlands. See also: Corn-muffin: An attractive tourist from the Midwest.
by Anonymous March 10, 2003