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The ultimate solution to fixing badly done anime dubs.

1. Find Mike McFarland
2. Kidnap him and take him to your place of residence.
3. Pick him up
4. Throw him at your TV while a badly dubbed anime is on the screen
5. Repeat while yelling "FIX IT!"

Note: This was brought about during a conversation about how much we respect Mike McFarland and the amazing job he is doing on Fullmetal Alchemist. I'd like to add in here a defintion for God reading "God: Mike McFarland" but have person convictions against that.
Person 1: ;_;
Person 3: What's wrong?
Person 1: The Tokyo Mew Mew dub sucks.
Person 2: Too bad Mike isn't working on it.
Person 1: ::picks Mike up and throws him at it:: Fix it!
by wiremess March 12, 2005
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