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masturbating then ejaculating wildly. We picked it up on a trip to Utah, much to the suprise of many mormons. We believed it to be a classier version of "jacking off." It spread like wildfire.
"Matt, want to go down to the bar and grab a few 3-2 beers?"

"Nah, I think I'd rather watch Elizabeth Banks in 40 year old virgin and then throw a beat."
by Matt K. aka Doug Junior January 13, 2012
To Masturbate, jerk off, milkin the 1 eyed snake
See you later guys im going to go throw a beat.
by Chris smith November 27, 2003
(v.) slang for masterbating. when your throwing a "beat", your shootin some jiz.
"Dude, im gonna go home and throw a beat to hillary duff"
by LB skandoman April 04, 2005