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Noun - 1. the male reproductive organ; penis, dick, cock, shaft, johnson, fuck stick, weiner, willie, pole, wang, etc.

verb - 2. The act of spreading steaming hot clam sauce on a penis before anal insertion.
1. That throbbing gristle is a penis. 2. Whoa, that's my throbbing gristle! 3. He gave me a throbbing gristle and I almost shit the bed.
by Rex Havoc April 12, 2007
Originators of "industrial music" Formed in 1975 by Genesis P.Orridge,Peter Christopherson, Cosey Fanny Tutti, and Chris Carter. Music was very uneasy, sleazy, and in a sense, brillient
Throbbing Gristle are the DEFINATIVE industrial band
by Dagon January 09, 2005