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Chunk of solidified plaque created from the leftover remnants of undigested and rotting food in your mouth/throat. Tiny specks of food stick to your tongue (try scraping it with your thumb) and throat and some get lodged in the sinus cavities, nooks, and crannies inside the throat. As they build up they break free and can be coughed up. Tend to be a pale yellow color and when crushed emit an odor of pure death. Kind of a concentrated version of what your breath smells like on a BAD day.... Brush your teeth and don't worry about it, and definitely DO NOT crush them if you don't want to gag.
I coughed up a throat nugget today the size of a B.B. and it smelled like a rotting corpse.
by Normalizer June 01, 2006
little stink ball that rises up from somewhere in the body, yellow-brown colored, smells like ass, resembles a small nugget..
"Check out this throat nugget that must've found it's way up to my mouth during the degestive process"
by whorebox January 21, 2006

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