The gum that tastes like soap!
Dude Thrills are rare, but if you can find em, buy in bulk and give some to your friends. Then when they realize how bad it tastes, yell pwned!11!!@1`1~!1~!11~122211!!!! (the first 2 is silent), and then turn em into a garage sale! (the seenus definition.)
by Seenus September 17, 2003
1. n. Very good sex...enough to call it a thrill.
2. n. Something that makes you can be used in sex as well.
1. I had my best thrill ever!

2. I had my worst thrill ever with her.
by BLAcK_SToRM June 26, 2003
ACE band,with fittest man alive,Conor Deasy, who I have MET, fronting.
Thrills rock live!
by roxy December 09, 2003
This will be the new reference to large rims that are 30" and above. 20"+ are dubs, 30" will be known as "Thrills."
"Wow. Nice dubs."
"Those aren't dubs, those are thrills."
(end laughing)

"Nigga pushin thrills on his Es-co-lade."
"For real?"
by Kevin(AKA)BrolyDude2 August 26, 2005
nice and smooth trip induced by some drugs

antonym: airplane rage
especially with good XTC and MDMA, considering also the environment and the quantities ;-)
by Nada January 06, 2005
ORGASMIC!!! How was it for you!

As in great new Indie Irish band, The Thrills!
"Samantha had the thrill of her life when Dave cummed in her pussy for the third time that night!!!"
by Wubyoo Bush June 20, 2003
act of masturbating ur grandma
by upalandshranthrara June 25, 2003

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