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Find, Fuck, and Forget
He's the type of guy who just wants to pull the three Fs
by kate08 August 06, 2007
35 19

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Finance, Feed or Fuck: A male must be doing one of those three activities for a betch to care/listen to him.
What makes you think I give a shit? You are not financing, feeding or fucking me, the three Fs.
by NBDNBD August 12, 2011
22 9
When you are deep throating someone so much they make your tonsils fart.
"Shorty gives head so good I made her threef four times!"
by Maoie April 12, 2008
14 4
1. Find em

2. Fuck em

3. Forget em
Jimmy: Hey man I heard you had a bad break up wit Julie. how many times do I have to tell you?

Kevin: I know... The three f's..... FIND EM FUCK EM FORGET EM
by Dj BB July 18, 2011
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