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th.ree go.b \'th:r-e c-o-k 'gob-*s\ term. (decrip, fr. phase) 1: a female of an incommodious nature, loud, brash, usually common. An ideal description of D-list Big Brother celeb Jade Goody or shithead TV presenter June Sarpong. 2: a mouth so large it could fit three love truncheons into it 3: see mouthy / gobby.
1: "Err I'm such a fuckin minga arnt i, im just a mauthy caaw int i everyone always said i had a three cock gob" said Jade.
2: "Look at Julia Roberts she's fit but look at the size of her mouth - thats a three cock gob if i've ever seen one!"
by jim December 24, 2004
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