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When the OP of a thread constantly replies to other peoples' posts in it. He or she is most likely F5ing frequently to look for new posts.

Also known as threadcamping.
OP: What is your favorite color? Mine's Blue.

Poster 1: Red.

OP: Oh cool! Red is neat too.

Poster 2: I like green.

OP: Eh, green is OK, but it's not for me though.

Poster 3: My favorite is yellow.

OP: Yeah I don't get yellow at all! That's so weird!

Poster 4: Pink's the best.

OP: How did you know?! Pink is my second most favorite color!

Poster 5: Orange, and stop threadsitting.

OP: Oh please let me threadsit, I lost my job and broke all my limbs and the only things I have left in the world is this thread, and my 50 cats :(
by danadamkof March 17, 2010
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