To live cheaply (frugally)
We're Thoreau'ing it tonight with cans of PBR!
by rejectedthinker July 10, 2008
Top Definition
getting out of society, camping, being in the wilderness
guy 1 - "yo man what's up? how you been?"
guy 2 - "not a lot, sick of this town, gonna go thoreau on this town"
by Petrarca June 15, 2009
A Thoreau is a non-specific term for a vulgar or any abnormal sex move. Some examples for a Thoreau might be: a dirty sanchez, a cleveland steamer,or an alaskan pipeline
Dude, let's go Thoreau, man" "I'd love to Thoreau!
by the_thoreau_man October 31, 2010
thoreau was a pretty tight place with lots of hot rich easy girls and cute stoner boys who beat up trash cans until the class of 2010 left. and now its gonna suck cause 2011 is a bunch of ugly little pricks who dont know their place and the 8th graders wouldnt even attempt to take advantage of them cause they cant tell a dick from a pussy since none of them have either one. the 8th graders had more than there fair share of drama and 7 kids got kicked out for drugs and what not.. but there were still drugs and booze no matter what the schools police officer did. which was very little. thoresu is going to suck the prinipals balls from here on out.
8th garder: GIVE ME HEAD YOU LITTLE SKANK ASS BITCH. (unzips his pants)
thoreau sevie: hmm what does this contraption do?
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