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When a guy takes his girl to a bedroom, with the girl demanding sex from him, as the gal gets him to fuck and make love to her, but her man doesn't appear to enjoy the sex or lovemaking when he's with his girl.

The gal finds her man to be hot, though the man is quite feminine looking and womanish, and after the sex, the gal believes her man to be so gay that he'd prefer getting it in the butt then having sex with her, as he splooges onto his girlfriend's back from behind while looking at gay porn and/or using a vibrator in his butt (while possibly being biologically female).
Lizzy just texted me that she just had sex with her boyfriend, but the sex was so bad that she just got thomas kent a ho'd.

Guinevere had sex with a man she met at the club, and as the man performed a thomas kent a ho on her. But judging by the way they had sex together, and by studying his mannerisms, Guinevere told me that she wouldn't be surprised at all if her boyfriend really were actually a bisexual lesbian femme crossdressing as a man.
by catchings123 August 21, 2012
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