a high school in northern virginia (moar like northern vagina amirite) for nerds. you have to take a test to get in and like 8% of the people who apply make it in.
person a: dude i made it into thomas jefferson high school for science and technology
person b: yeah right
person a: ...yeah, you failed the test too
by ciannn June 24, 2008
Top Definition
A high school located in Northern Virginia, known as TJ or TJHSST. Focuses on science and technology. Applicants must take an admissions test consisting of an English and math portion. This is compared on a sliding scale with their GPA, and if these scores are above the cut off they make it to the second round, which requires an essay and teacher recommendations. A large number of asians attend this school. The class of 2012 was the first class where asians were actually the majority, instead of caucasians.

Has a reputation of being bad at sports because there football and basketball teams are not very good. But actually their boys soccer, cross country, crew, swimming, and several other sports have all won either states or nationals recently.

Rated by US News & World Report as the number 1 high school in the country.
Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology is a really spirited high school since kids choose to be there.
by \m/(>.<)\m/ September 13, 2008
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