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The sound produced when one gives birth to a baby anally. Often accompanied shortly afterwards by a 'splat'.
When I heard the thod-splat I already knew it was dead.
by Lunar November 07, 2003
24 24
Getting fucked up with purple drank or marijuana.

Gettin' Tho'd by Paul Wall, YG , Kid Ink
Man I be gettin' tho'd
by La homie doe November 03, 2013
15 1
T.H.O.D. "The House of Ders" was created in 2006 would soon rise to become a pinnacle of Pittsford's party life. This venue has risen to be the most influential party-haven in history where many paper towel songs, practice line-outs, noteworthy pong shots, and drunken sexual encounters have taken place. Overall, the people involved in this spot wouldn't soon forget the memories they had within.
hot girl one: i'm so glad we came out to T.H.O.D. tonight
hot girl two: yeah duh!
hot girl twenty: Um what else would we do? This place is the best!
by An0riginal December 19, 2009
16 8
The theoretical son of Thor and God.
To entertain herself, God seduced Thor and gave birth to Thod.
by C. Stoner February 27, 2012
9 10
A reference used in South Park for the coolest and sexiest man alive.
Cartman: Kyle, I'm the T-Hod.
by Edizzie October 03, 2009
0 1