T.H.O.D. "The House of Ders" was created in 2006 would soon rise to become a pinnacle of Pittsford's party life. This venue has risen to be the most influential party-haven in history where many paper towel songs, practice line-outs, noteworthy pong shots, and drunken sexual encounters have taken place. Overall, the people involved in this spot wouldn't soon forget the memories they had within.
hot girl one: i'm so glad we came out to T.H.O.D. tonight
hot girl two: yeah duh!
hot girl twenty: Um what else would we do? This place is the best!
by An0riginal December 19, 2009
The theoretical son of Thor and God.
To entertain herself, God seduced Thor and gave birth to Thod.
by C. Stoner February 27, 2012
A reference used in South Park for the coolest and sexiest man alive.
Cartman: Kyle, I'm the T-Hod.
by Edizzie October 03, 2009
The sound produced when one gives birth to a baby anally. Often accompanied shortly afterwards by a 'splat'.
When I heard the thod-splat I already knew it was dead.
by Lunar November 07, 2003
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