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A sound clip that I heard in a Youtube Poop. I don't know the actual show that it's from. However, it will now be a new internet phrase, soon to become the likes of 'lol' and such.

It's definition: a phrase used to compare one or more thing(s) to Counterstrike, when there may actually be no relation to Counterstrike at all. Sometimes, there could actually be a relation. This expression could simply be used to annoy people or contribute something (although pointless) to the conversation.

*Counterstrike is a modification of the Half-Life video game.
Bob: How are you doing today, sir?

Bum: Well, I have no money, no family, haven't gotten a GED, can't get a job, and I have cancer. Other than that, I guess I'm doing well.

Bob: *thinks* This is just like Counterstrike.
by I haven't one. July 10, 2009
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