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So basically feminism was a wonderful thing till this "wave" of feminism, it's a movement mostly based on social media where women can complain about stupid things such as not going out topless (even if they did go out they'd complain about getting stared at), claim that there is a rape culture in the west because Instagram and schools have certain dress codes and rules, claim they are for equality and shove the dictionary's definition of feminism down your throat yet still ignore any shit men go through and happily admit they are misandriats by creating hashtags such as "kill all men" and "masculinity so fragile".
"I told her that women in the west are not oppressed but third wave feminism is fucking with her head "
by Kingofbongo March 27, 2016
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Another crutch just like "God" and religion. The only women who "need" to label themselves a feminist are weak minded individuals who have to latch on to a label to prove they are "independent"
Scott: Melissa, are you are feminist? What do you think of third-wave feminism

Melissa: No, labeling yourself is a sign of weakness. Feminism was fine in the first and second waves, but this third wave crap is nonsense. It's all about getting easily butthurt over men saying their name was Hugh Mungus, and because your Lyft driver has a Hula bobblehead in his dash. If you get offended by dad jokes, I sure question your maturity. The vast Majority of third wavers have the mentality and maturity of a six year old with Down Syndrome.

Scott: So I take it you're not a fan of people like Anita Sarkeesian, Steve Shives, Laci Green, etc.?

Melissa: Hell no, I'd rather listen to smart feminists like Christina Hoff-Somers, and actual intelligent people like Milo Yiannapolis. Not to mention intelligent YouTubers like Sargon of Akkad, Undoomed, Bearing, Lauren Southern, etc.
by My Name Is Hugh...Mungus September 22, 2016
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The type of feminism that aims to prove that women in the Western World are still discriminated, although evidence shows this as false.
If you believe that women get paid 23 cents less per hour, you are part of third wave feminism.
If you believe that women deserve different treatment, you are part of third wave feminism.
If you believe that men's voices should be silenced, you are part of third wave feminism.
If you believe that women are oppressed, you are part of third wave feminism.
If you identify as a feminist in the 21st Century, you are part of third wave feminism.
by CowTipper67 September 05, 2016
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Impressions from the field (not academic research):

- First wave of feminism = women (generally white, straight, well-educated, and well off) fighting for their rights
- Second wave of feminism = women (often white, well-educated, and well off but also a more diverse range of women of color and sexual orientations) fighting for the rights of women of many colors, ethnicities, nationalities, religions, and cultural backgrounds
- Third wave of feminism = more diverse women fighting for the rights of all women including a focus on queer women as well as sex workers
- Third wave of feminism may also = women who believe there is no need for feminism and who do not embrace the term "feminist" but who expect to be treated equally
- Fourth wave of feminism includes intersectionality and the issues of trans women (?)
Her entire blog is dedicated to equal rights for everyone and she's proud of her third wave feminism.
by pipermills June 23, 2016
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