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Someone that knows how to bring the laides home. Some how no matter what you seem to be able to get the girls to round third and get to home every time. You coach the girls and wave them home. If you aren't a good third base coach the night usually ends in a triple.
I went home with this girl Laura last night. She was hesitant to go past third base, but being the great third base coach that I am I was able to wave her in and bring her home. I scored big time. Now I'll think about letting her step up to the plate again in a few days.
by zwill May 10, 2006
85 57
1. {Wingman} i.e. the friend who helps you meet and hook up with the pretty girl while distracting her from any and all forces of cockblockery
You should dance with that girl.

Can't. I promised my buddy I'd be his third base coach tonight. I have to get that kid laid.
by thirdrock February 15, 2005
65 48