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A black laptop computer produced by IBM.
My thinkpad is a T23...
by SuperMorten March 12, 2004
The world's strongest line of laptops. The latest models feature switchable graphics. Ranging from the ultraporable X200 series to the monstrous W700, they're commonly used by businessmen but great for those who need a durable laptop.
My thinkpad got stepped on, dropped on concrete and ran over by a car and it still works. Try that with your crappy dell inspiron.
by Tixlo March 05, 2009
The single best model of laptop form factor machines, now produced by Lenovo. Formerly produced by IBM. They have been known to last years and survive serious abuse that would kill a Dell or Apple. Recommended with a nice big battery and a copy of Fedora Linux 10. Computers for real geeks.
Eric: I say, I quite fancy this ThinkPad over the Toshiba that I owned last. Let's see Apple try to match this keyboard!

Luke: Or the built in biometrics, light, magnesium alloy skeleton, anti-flex screen, innovative pointing devices, durability, or hardware support!
by the_organist April 07, 2009
The best non-apple laptop ever. The thinkpad is so strong that if you spill a drink on the keyboard you won't have to buy a new computer.
Brian, "Oh no! I dropped my ThinkPad!"

John, "But it still works"
by IAmNotSashaFierce May 27, 2010
Looking at it from the lower end of ThinkPads, the most gigantic shit excuse for a computer you can currently find on the 1st world market. The computer will blue screen on you eventually, structurally this thing is as reliable as a 2,000 foot cardboard tower. the main cause of my blue screen was a cracked hard drive when i dropped it 4 feet because of the searing pain you get after it powers up, however, on a positive side, if you lay down with it on you will become immune to BSDM wax torture. Also, think you can listen to music? think again, the sound system has such issue buffering the music it will freeze and become so choppy you can't even stand it. I would STRONGLY recommend spending your money on either a higher end ThinkPad or switching over to another brand.
I wrote this rant on my ThinkPad, the browser stopped responding 10 times while i was writting it, and odds are will crash in a few seconds if i dont speed up writing this.
by Major Shmoopy August 11, 2010
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