a way to describe an object when the words don't come to mind(usually done while pointing). similar in meaning to doo-hickey.
I could not remember the name of the object, so I looked at my friend, pointed, and asked him to pass the thing-a-ma-jig.
by Paul J Parkinson March 24, 2005
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can refer to anything at any point in time when you can think of the objects name.
"can i have that thingamajig... that thingamajig right on top of the thing...you know the thingamajig?"
by Janine March 28, 2004
A thingamajig is:

1. noun relating to a nonspecific object.

2. noun referring to a specifc object of which the user cannot immedietely remember the name of.

3. hoojamaflip
1. Julian: So we need several thingamajigs.

Andrew: What, exactly?

Julian: Just, y'know, thingamajigs.

2. Andrew: It's... uh... a... thingamajig.

3. Thingamajig.
by Andreus January 10, 2005
Thingamajig's origination is unknown but maybe the most well known place would be sim city 2000 where one of the industrial buildings where named "Thingamajig". Thingamajig describes something you have no idea how to describe.
It's a... hmmm... a... thingamajig probably.
by D00M March 15, 2005
ummm can i have that thingamajig! that you dig... food with. ah yes... a spoon!
by c0xy March 13, 2003
A word you say when you can't think up a name of a paticular noun, or you've forgotten the name of something.
Gohan: Hey, dad! Krillin is killed by Frieza, remember back in Namek?

Goku: Oh, yeah! You're right son! We gotta find a way to get him back and it's with those orange thing-a-ma-jig with the stars on it

Gohan: ......You mean a dragonball?.....>_>

Goku: Oh, yeah! That's right! Let's go!

*Uses Instant Transmission*
by Mr. Ice Cream Man May 03, 2013
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