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sexual position similar to doggy style but with the penis pressed between the woman's lubed thighs. Best experienced with a fat girl with large thunder thighs.
I did a thighmaster with Big Sally last night. Hoo-wee! Almost makes me wanna give up pussy!
by Dum Dum January 19, 2005
6 9
A basic Dance Dance Revolution pad. When combined with the Nintendo Revolution's Controller (see Nintendo Revolution Controller), it can provide a healthy fitness exercise.
Me: Is there going to be a game where we can use both the Thighmaster and the controller? Maybe it will be included in a new Zelda Revolution game. Maybe it will be for Star Wars: Jedi Arm And Leg Workout. The sequel might be called Star Wars: Jedi Arm And Leg Workout 2, The Attack Of Evil Fitness Dictator Richard Simmons. I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to JAALW and JAALW2:TAOEFDRS.
by Yep Nope October 02, 2005
8 4