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Female pant moustache
Why, Siegfried- your good lady wife is sporting a fantastic set of thigh brows today.
by Anonymous March 12, 2003
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The line on the top of your thigh that appears when you sit, kneel, or bend forward and the flesh from your booty rolls on top of your thigh.
Whoa... Khloe Kardashian has a sexy thighbrow.
by numlock0 November 04, 2015
When a woman's bush sticks out from under her panties on each side.
Maria made the car wait 20 minutes while she finished trimming her thighbrows.
by pieface July 22, 2005
Damn, I need to get my thigh brows waxed before we hit the beach!
by ANTI ELVIS May 11, 2009
Pubic hair that extends out to the top part of the thigh
"Are you going to get a bikini wax before we hit the beach? " "Nah, I'll probably just shave my thigh brows a little."
by lilantie September 11, 2015
It's the eye brow of the inner thigh that needs shaving on the ladies and some mens, too.
I thought a patch of moss was growing out of Bernadette's bikini bottom, but alas, it was just her thigh brows. She needs a Brazilian something serious.
by Faye Runaway March 31, 2006
The hair on a woman's thighs close to her vag. Not nice. Tickles your face if you go down on her.
Eurgh you should have seen, I was gonna eat her but she had these fucking dirty thighbrows
by BigPimpinJared January 12, 2004

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