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A girl with extra thickness, (meaning a more filled out buttox, thighs, waist, and legs). she is not fat, but has more than a little something extra to her. she takes thickness to a new extreme, borderline pudgy.

there are several kinds of thickety thickness:

exhibit A: the "i'm just a lazy piece of shit so i dont want to work out" kind of thick

exhibit B: the "i have a boyfriend so i can eat whatever i want now and play mad sex games so it doesnt matter what i look like" kind of thick

exhibit c: the "I drink way too much beer and am a loser so i dont want to work out" kind of thick

exhibit D: the "i want to be a video vixen and be on the cover of a mixtape called Matrezz Muziic so i want to be thick" kind of thick

and finally, exhibit E: the AU NATURAL THICK GURL. can be found on your local street corner
... oh shit that girl's THICKETY THICK.

guy 1- daaang look at dat azzz... she is so THIIICKK.
guy 2- naw dude she is more than dat, that girl is THICKETY THICK.
by videovixen69 February 01, 2011
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