"Thick-ness" is what *most* Afro-American males are attracted to either because they don't like the petite looking woman, and perfer more bulky built women or because that's how the sisters are shaped.
That chick be hella thick, her legs look like she could squat a truck
by orale April 22, 2005
Tight, Cool, Rad, Even Super Rad!
Wow Man! Your new big wheel is Thick with it!
by J forizzle Dogg August 09, 2007
When you slide your middle finger off your thumb creating a fast, swift motion with the middle finger. Often mistaken with "flick"
I thicked Matt so hard in the face he started to cry after i beat him in beer pong.
by Corey Worthington July 10, 2008
not skinny but not fat, having meaty legs and big tits
man those bitchs are thick
by The Gunslinger April 03, 2004
not fat, not anorexic, but more in between. has a nice voluptious badonkadonk, tits mostly a double d average, big thighs(but not to wear they create stretch marks), hips to where from the front you know she has a phat ass, a little bit of waist is alright, but not sagging over the belt or looking like there pregnant. examples of females who would be considered thick (esther baxter, buffy the body, reagan gomez, trina, janet jackson as far as the black chicks), (jessica simpson, trish stratus, micky james, coco for the white chicks) 38dd-26-42 standing at 5'5 is how i like em
damn look at that girl bending over with that junk in that trunk, now she thick im gonna go holla at her
by joshua001 March 07, 2007
plentiful or busy
I had a pretty thick day today - twelve hours of hay bailin', with no breaks for whiskey!
by Anonymous March 04, 2002
a redneck or hick and a thug. someone who drives a truck and listens to rap and like redneck shit and like the city or live in the city or live in the country
damn that guy is a thick
by casey glynch June 06, 2007

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