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a phrase used whenever you see someone who can be classified as a "there he is". if you say there he is and the person you are with doesn't know who you are talking about then the person probably isnt a there he is.

you'll know.
(man in skirt with long beard walks across street walking a doberman)

"there he is"
by mh2108 June 10, 2005

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An expression used most commonly as a greeting when you're either waiting for someone or talking about someone and that person walks in the room.
Heyo! There he is! There's the Biggsmeister! We were just talking about you, you sneaky snake.
by Georgie Porgie September 09, 2005
a phrase used whenever you see someone for the first time that day or a phrase used to when someone do you special,or entertainment.
There he is,what it dew folk.
by kwolfe01 July 27, 2011
Expression said when ever you see Allen.
(Allen walks in the door) Oh snap! There he is!
by bobjobbyjo March 02, 2005