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An expression said to someone or about someone who is talking for far too long about a topic that no one around understands or is interested in.

If the long-winded bore hears you, her or she will probably say, "Yes, that’s exactly right," even though rolling a five and a two has nothing to do with that they are talking about.

RIMMER: Anyway, to cut a long story short I threw a five and a four which beat his three and a two, another double six followed by a double four and a double five. After he'd thrown a three and a two I threw a six and a three.

LISTER: Rimmer, can't you tell the story is not gripping me? I'm in a state of non-grippedness, I am completely smegging ungripped. Shut the smeg up.

RIMMER: Don't you want to hear the Risk story?

LISTER: That's what I've been saying for the last fifteen minutes.

RIMMER: But I thought that was because I hadn't got to the really interesting bit...

LISTER: What really interesting bit?

RIMMER: Well! Then I rolled a five and a two...
by Lexical September 30, 2007
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