An honduran legend about a girl who didnt take a bath and thats why she was dirty. She "appears" to wasted guys, people who are high; basicly anyone who can't see clearly, just to scare them. But seem beautiful to men. Then she chased a guy who ran away from her and screamed: "TAKE MY TIT THAT IM YOUR MOTHER".
by fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck July 03, 2010
Top Definition A gossip blog based in Scottsdale, AZ, operated by Hooman Karamian under the moniker of Nik Richie. Posts pictures of people acting stupid, Makes fun of douchebags, posers, 30k millionaires, and people who get arrested for dui. Somewhat ironic, considering Hooman was arrested for DUI in January 2008 and he is by all accounts a douchebag. However, that sort of irony and self depreciating lighthearted humor is exactly what makes the website so entertaining and addicting.
Dude, I hope no one took a picture of me pissing outside the bar after closing time. That could end up on thedirty.

I looked at the grimy glendale blog, but there's only so much white trash one can take. that's why I get my fix on thedirty.

by Spartana January 25, 2009
A place in southern Minnesota off exit 12 on I-35. this place is known for extremely wild and shady activities. it doesn't matter if its at the Ranch, the FCF or the 318, some extremely dirty things will happen here. Some people from the north can not handle The Dirty for more than one night at a time and some travel from hours away just to experience the thrill.
You will not believe what happened in The Dirty last weekend!

Yeah, I heard what you did. Yea Boi!
by TheAlbert December 02, 2010
to be from a place that's hardcore or where hardcore partying goes down.

used a lot in rap lyrics, usually referring the South. Can also be spelled as Derty or Derrty.
Man #1: Where you from dawg?
Man #2: I'm from the dirty. I'm from the derty, derty!

Nelly: Derrty E-N-T, we all we got!

Lil Wayne: I'm from the dirty and I make it rain, damn that's muddy...
by ThePhantomPlatypus September 10, 2009
"The dirty deed"

(v.) Sexual promiscuity while in a serious relationship. Also used as betrayl. Basically, j(h)umping ship.
To do the dirty

He did the dirty on me and gave me aids from his new girlfriend by re-using a condom, and he didn't get it.

Argh, ye mutinous dogs! Ye de thar dirrty. Yar!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
to have nasty sex with someone hopefully someone hot
tommy lee and pamela anderson did the dirty
by Mandi E. August 19, 2008
When someone not of Mexican heritage attempts to pull off a mustache but epically fails and just looks stupid.

It can also be if a person is just too damn lazy to shave, but lets all facial hair grow out along with the stache. If this is the case, it may be acceptable.
Dude i totally had the dirty today and my mom asked me if my name was Pedro.
by Mike Carini April 09, 2009
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