This is a sexual move in wich the girl is giving the guy oral and he gives her a facial, Then he takes a computer moniter and wacks her in the face multiple times.
Person 1: So how was that screen saver last night??

Person 2: mumble........

Person 1: What did you just say??.......WACK!!!!

Person 2: .... WOW you would do The Screensaver to me again!
by Mario : ) May 18, 2010
The Screen Savers helped me understand the "mega-this" and "giga-that"
by Rob Sessler December 17, 2003
Tech TV show for people who would never pass as techies.

They teach idiots how to cut and paste. Sometimes, they tell you how to do something wild, like change your video card . . . then forget to mention voltages.

Then, they encourage the stupid to try bigger things themselves, thus drumming up business for computer shops.

TechTV is for people who can't handle a soldering iron.
I was watching The Screen Savers, and they showed me how to attached multiple JPEGs.
by Huhk February 19, 2004

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